Kibak Tile Collection

Our tiles are hand-painted on very durable quarry tile body which can be used in residential or commercial installations. We hand-paint each tile when ordered, even samples, so that we can use the best tile body, size, pattern and color for each project.

Hand-painted tiles have expected variation from tile to tile which enhances the beauty and unique quality of our KBK Collection.

If you have a specific project, let us know how tiles will be used so we can choose appropriate glaze ie; matte finishes for floor or pool safe glazes for a pool waterline. We can use most any of our glazes on most any pattern so there are infinite color and pattern combinations possible.


First, the pattern outline is silk screened onto the tiles with a dryline resist. Once dry, ceramic glaze is hand-painted into the spaces between the lines. When glaze is dry, tiles are kiln-fired to over 1800 degrees. The dryline and glaze are permanently adhered to the tile body creating a very durable product.